🚀 81,000+ investor list and 780,000+ email contacts

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Fundraising has never been simpler!

If you are looking to raise money for your startup, we have just the thing for you. You can use this database to directly contact investors or send them your fundraising pitch deck.

✨✨ The database includes:

  • 81,000+ investors (Angel investors, VCs, PEs, Hedge funds, Family Offices, etc.)
  • 780,000+ email addresses
  • Investor information: location, description & website
  • Investment preferences: preferred round, past investments & deal size range

Send your pitch deck to these investors

Using an investor database is a great way to identify potential investors and drive capital for your business. Here are three steps to effectively use an investor database:

✨ Step 1: Choose your target investors (by filtering our database)

Utilize the database to identify potential investors that fit your business’s needs. Prioritize potential investors by filtering factors such as their investment stages, geographical location and funding amount. Some of the investors want to invest in the same category, so don't forget to reach out to the investors of other companies in your field as well!

✨ Step 2: Craft your pitch deck & cold email content

Prepare a compelling pitch deck and cold email content that will pique the investors’ interest. The aim is to get a response and possibly a call/meeting, so don't be to rush to make it all about the money just yet.

Both crafting pitch decks & email content are works of art. Your content should include information about your business and the key strengths that make it attractive to investors. Here we have some cool pitch deck templates and some tips for cold emails to investors.

✨ Step 3: Send the investors your startup's pitch deck

Cold email the target investors your pitch deck.

You can use Mail Merge function of Google and use your Gmail to send separate emails to a large number of email addresses within seconds. Here is the instruction.

And remember to follow up with investors if you don’t hear back in a timely manner!

Product demo:

This is the demo version of a few hundreds investors

*Content will be delivered in Excel & CSV format (81,000+ rows)

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🚀 81,000+ investor list and 780,000+ email contacts

8 ratings
I want this!