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We offer a comprehensive and completed collection of business plans, business templates, marketing strategies, financial models, and valuation models... for startup founders & entrepreneurs.

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🚀🚀 5000+ startups Business model & Valuation references (fundraising history & valuation, investors, deal size... used by VCs, angels, investors for deal flow and founders for business analysis and fundraising strategy)


Unicorn MVP Secrets - How to build MVP with no-code tool (Ease startup & entrepreneur, no coder, build MVP, test market demand for your startup idea)


🚀🚀 List of 800+ Industry Report for Startup Market Research (fintech, ecommerce, proptech, saas, game, esport, blockchain, automotive, food delivery, media, banking, buy now pay later, cosmetic, medtech, hospitality,...)


🚀 81,000+ investor list and 780,000+ email contacts


580+ Startup Accelerator & Incubator database (list for startup seeking fundraising or support to grow business)


🚀🚀 170+ Successfully Fund Raised Startup Pitch Decks (used for founder when fundraising deck, business model, investor demo, funding target and valuation reference)


🚀🚀 Startup Financial Model (used for fundraising, investor pitch deck, excel file, financial template, finance, plan, strategy, cashflow management)


750+ Web3 & Blockchain tools (can be used for startup founders, no code, building MVP)


437+ Tools for Startups (Illustrations, Icons, Extensions, Notion, Management, SaaS, Launching platform, Marketplace, Images, Stock photos, Fonts, Forms, Widgets, Mockup, Design, Waitlist, Animation, App Builder, Automation, Productivity, Landing page)